Celebrate with Mexican Christmas Traditions

December 15, 2023

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In the U.S., many non-religious people celebrate Christmas, even though it is a religious holiday at its core. In Mexico, the religious aspect of this holiday remains prominent, as we can see in the traditions that are still part of the celebrations. Food is, naturally, also an important part of these celebrations. You can experience the authentic flavors of Mexican cuisine at Derry restaurants while you learn a few things about Christmas traditions in Mexico.


Christmas in Mexico

Before we get into the specific traditions, let’s take a look at the history of Christmas in Mexico. Being a Christian holiday, the first Christmas celebrated in the New World would have been in December 1492. The first record we have of Christmas being celebrated in Mexico is 1526. Fray Pedro de Gante, a Franciscan missionary, wrote to Charles V, the king of Spain, to report on his progress in spreading Christianity to the indigenous people of Mexico. Christianity, specifically Catholicism, did take hold in Mexico, and Christmas celebrations remain important throughout the country.


Famous Traditions and Customs

There are many Christmas traditions throughout Mexico, and many regions and cities have their own customs. Here’s a look at two Christmas traditions.


Starting nine days before Christmas, the posadas represent Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem and the search for somewhere to stay. Participants process through town, holding lighted candles and singing songs asking for somewhere to stay. The endpoint of the procession is a house that agrees to let them in, where a celebration is held.



We often think of piñatas as something you have at a child’s birthday party, but they are a common sight at Christmas celebrations in Mexico. The traditional piñata shape is a star with seven points. The star represents the Christmas star that led the Three Kings to Bethlehem, and the seven points represent the seven deadly sins. Breaking apart the piñata represents overcoming sin.


Celebrate the Season with Derry Restaurants | Los Reyes

There are many other Christmas traditions, including Nativity scenes and, of course, elaborate Christmas dinners. At Los Reyes Street Tacos, we bring the authentic flavors of Mexico to you throughout the year. Stop in if you need a break from preparing for the holidays or just want to enjoy some delicious Mexican food!


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