Mexican Street Tacos

When it comes to Mexican restaurants, Derry’s very own Los Reyes provides their guests with an experience unlike any other. There are no chips and salsa at the table, but there is so much more. Curious? Check out our blog for the latest happenings and exclusive look behind the scenes!

restaurants near me
restaurants near me

Where Are Chimichangas From? Mexican Restaurants Have the Answer.

Let’s take a look at closer look at this favorite of Mexican restaurants...
derry restaurants
derry restaurants

Walk Through Tasty Taco History with Los Reyes

But tacos have been around a lot longer than the Derry restaurants that...
mexican restaurants
mexican restaurants

Mexican Restaurants Explore the History of Burritos

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Menu Highlight: Barbacoa Street Tacos

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The History of Street Tacos in Jalisco

Street tacos have a long and rich history in Jalisco - here's your...

Welcome to Los Reyes Street Tacos

Welcome, friends! We are so humbled you have taken the time to explore...

We will be closed from 27th of August to the 4th of September.

We will open on the 5th of September with regular business hours.