How Street Tacos Are Different from Other Tacos

November 15, 2023

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If you see “street tacos” on a menu at a Mexican restaurant, you might wonder what makes street tacos different from other tacos. It’s a fair enough question. Tacos initially began as a street food, so aren’t all tacos street tacos in a way? Why do we bother drawing a distinction between street tacos and other tacos? Foods evolve over time, but we still enjoy them in their original forms, whether that’s because they persisted or were rediscovered. At Los Reyes, we’re all about the authentic experience of Mexican food, which is why we’re especially proud of our street tacos.


Let’s take a look at how street tacos are different from other taco varieties.


It starts with the tortilla.

Traditionally, tortillas are made with cornmeal rather than wheat flour. Before the Europeans came to the Americas in the 15th and 16th centuries, wheat did not grow in this part of the world. Corn is still an important ingredient in Mexican cuisine, and it is the more traditional choice when it comes to tortillas. The corn tortillas are also soft, not hard shell. Hard shell tacos are a Mexican-American invention to replicate the texture of fried tacos from various regions in Mexico.


The size makes a difference.

The point of street food is that you can eat it while you walk down the street, so you need to be able to hold it in one hand. That’s why street tacos are traditionally very small, and a single taco is more of a snack than a meal. When you order street tacos in a restaurant, you usually get at least three to add up to a meal.


There are fewer toppings.

Traditional street tacos don’t use as many toppings as we often add to our tacos. Street tacos can use a variety of meats and the traditional toppings are cilantro, onions, and sometimes salsa. Lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese are all later additions, and you won’t find them topping traditional street tacos.


Traditional Mexican Food | Los Reyes

At Los Reyes, we are committed to making authentic Mexican food using our traditional family recipes. Whether you come for our traditional street tacos, signature birria tacos, or anything else on our menu, we promise you’ll have a delicious and authentic experience!


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