Menu Highlight: Street Tacos Al Pastor

February 15, 2024

street tacos

Bringing you an authentic and delicious experience is what we’re all about at Los Reyes. All of our menu items are packed with flavorful ingredients that our family has been cooking with for generations. While you can’t go wrong with anything on our menu, in this post, we’re highlighting one of our favorites, street tacos al pastor. Al pastor is marinated grilled pork with pineapple, which gives it a slightly sweet and tangy flavor. It came to Mexico by way of Lebanese immigrants and is one of the most popular options for street tacos.


Join us as we take a closer look at the history and flavors of street tacos al pastor.


Lebanese-Mexican Fusion

Many restaurants make a show of being “fusion” cuisine, but people have been moving around and combining their culinary cultures for centuries. In the 19th century, Lebanese and Syrian immigrants came to Mexico. They brought with them a method of cooking meat stacked on a rotisserie that cooks the meat slowly as it turns. This method, called shawarma or gyro, was adapted to the local tastes and ingredients of Mexico. To make al pastor, marinated pork is cooked on a vertical rotating spit called a trompa.


Mexican Al Pastor

The flavors of al pastor are what make it stand out. The ingredients of the marinade can vary, but they often include achiote paste, chili, garlic, other spices, and pineapple. The pineapple is what gives the al pastor its distinctive sweet and tangy flavor. Pineapple also helps tenderize the meat because the acid in the juice breaks down the tough parts of the meat.


Cooking Methods

The name “al pastor” means “shepherd style,” which refers to the method of cooking the meat on a rotating spit. However, al pastor has been adapted to various cooking methods over time. You can find the marinated pork grilled or slow-cooked on a stovetop, depending on the preferences and kitchen setup of those serving it. The flavor of the sweet and spicy marinade is the hallmark of this taco filling.


Los Reyes | Authentic Mexican Street Tacos

The history and origins of our favorite Mexican foods are more diverse than you might think at first. As people came to Mexico and brought their own culinary traditions with them, the flavor profiles and cooking styles broadened to include much of what we enjoy today. At Los Reyes, we bring you the flavors of Mexico through our street tacos. Stop in and give them a try!


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