Taco Toppings: Try Our Salsas! 

March 15, 2024

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While the menus at different Mexican restaurants vary, there are some things you will find everywhere. One of those is salsa. However, there is a lot of variation in salsa, with varieties, recipes, and spiciness changing from restaurant to restaurant and salsa to salsa. At Los Reyes Street Tacos, we have three different types of salsa, each with its own distinct flavor and texture. No matter your preference for taste or spiciness, one of our salsas will be the perfect pairing for your meal. Try them all to experience the full range of our salsa flavors!


Salsa de Aguacate

This salsa is different from the typical salsa roja or salsa verde that we are used to seeing alongside tortilla chips or tacos. Salsa de Aguacate is a creamy and mild sauce made with avocado and mild jalapeño peppers. It’s different from guacamole because it is blended rather than mashed. Salsa de Aguacate is a smooth sauce with a light flavor that complements the bold and spicy flavors of tacos or burritos, especially chicken, chorizo, and al pastor.


Salsa de Chile Morita

Morita salsa is also on the milder side but is more like a typical salsa roja. It has a bittersweet and smoky flavor from the Morita peppers. Morita chiles are jalapeño peppers that are harvested late after they ripen and turn red. After harvesting, they are dried and smoked to give them their signature bittersweet and smoky flavor. The flavors of Salsa de Chile Morita best complement carnitas y barbacoa and carne asada.


Salsa de Tomatillo

Our spiciest variety is our Salsa de Tomatillo. Tomatillos look like small green tomatoes, but they are actually a different fruit entirely. They grow in husks and are a little more acidic and a little less sweet than tomatoes. However, the flavor is similar and we often use them in the same ways as tomatoes, so it’s understandable that they get lumped together. For an extra kick of heat, we make our Salsa de Tomatillo with Japanese hot peppers. If you’re looking for something extra spicy to top your tacos, this is the salsa for you! Plus, it’s great on anything, so can try it no matter what you order.


Mexican Restaurants in Derry | Los Reyes Street Tacos

While there are plenty of Mexican restaurants in Derry, none serve street tacos quite like Los Reyes! We use traditional family recipes to give you an authentic taste of Mexico. Try our signature birria tacos or other street tacos, and top them off with some salsa!


Looking for Mexican restaurants in Derry to try? Visit Los Reyes Street Tacos at 127 Rockingham Road and enjoy our authentic family recipes!

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